This year I am working off the Inktober Worlds list by @rhemrev. One of the things I’ll be focusing on in this years drawings is line work, so I will be spending more time on the outlining and pen work than I have previously.


So far I have been using exclusively Ohuhu items this year. The fine line drawing pens for line work and alcohol markers for coloring. I may change it up as the month goes on, but am really liking these materials after all my experimentation last year. If different tools were used it will be listed below the pictures.

10/1 Sky Garden

10/1 Sky Garden

10/2 Beach Shack

10/2 Beach Shack

10/3 Homemade Submarine

10/3 Homemade Submarine

10/4 Mad Scientist’s Lab

10/5 Lair of the Giant

10/6 Creature Taxi

10/7 Overgrown Windmill

10/8 Roma Trailer

10/9 The Monkey Temple

10/10 Steampunk Pirate Ship

10/11 Stone Gate

10/12 Fairy Treehut

10/13 Portal Transport

10/14 Root Tower

10/15 Jungle Riverboat

10/16 Dark Mansion

10/17 Flying Schoolbus

10/18 Windy Village